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The word ‘Bijou’ comes from French and means small jewel, or trinket. The Bijou is our most versatile perfume bottle: measuring about an inch in height, this perfume can fit discreetly into small purses. The violet glass of this 3 ml perfume bottle will continuously potentize the energetic virtues of this perfume.


Place two drops in the center of your palm. Slowly warm your palms together in a figure 8 movement (a sacred symbol of interconnection and completion). Close your eyes. Place palms around nose and take 3 deep inhalations. Set an intention for your own healing in this moment.

The essential oils are able to reach the inner recesses of the mind and release stored emotions and memories, which can lead to a sense of emotional freedom. Inhalations can quiet the mind, uplift the mood, improve sense of smell and taste, open sinuses and lungs, deepen the breath, restore balance to the nervous system, slow the heart rate, stabilize the body's glandular systems, boosting natural immune responses, and stir the primal source of inner wisdom.


After doing the inhalation and setting an intention, gently apply the perfume to desired areas of the face and body, using a figure-8 or circular movement on the skin.

When essential oils are applied to the physical body their vibrations have soothing effects on the skin itself, and on the underlying muscles, nerves, and glands of the body. As we wear them and carry them with us into our day, they also permeate our energetic body (aura). This allows us to be in vibrational alignment with our True Nature of abundance, joy, and well-being, empowering us to manifest our own unique creative path.