50 ml

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Eau Fraîche is literally translated from French as “fresh water”. Apply over face with closed eyes or liberally over the entire body for a refreshing scent and energizing feel. The violet glass of this 50 ml spritzer will continuously potentize the energetic virtues of this Eau Fraîche.


Gently close your eyes and spray the Eau Fraîche a few inches away from your face. Inhale deeply as you relax into the sensation of bliss. If you have difficulties with taking deep breaths, you may first wish to take a preliminary breath and exhale it to your fullest before breathing in the aromas on your next inhalation.

The essential oils are able to reach the inner recesses of the mind and release stored emotions and memories, which can lead to a sense of emotional freedom. Inhalations can quiet the mind, uplift the mood, improve sense of smell and taste, open sinuses and lungs, deepen the breath, restore balance to the nervous system, slow the heart rate, stabilize the body's glandular systems, boosting natural immune responses, and stir the primal source of inner wisdom.