Eucalyptus macarthurii

Distillery in South Africa

Eucalyptus is a diverse genus of trees (and a few shrubs). There are more than seven hundred species of Eucalyptus. This Eucalypus, Eucalyptus macarthurii is from South Africa. The essential oil extracted from eucalyptus leaves contains compounds that are powerful natural disinfectants.

Eucalyptus essential oil from the eucalyptus macarthurii tree is naturally rose scented without the addition of rose oil. Enjoy the medicinal benefits of eucalyptus without the camphorous scent common to eucalyptus oils. This eucalyptus essential oil is well-suited to blending with other essential oils.

The countries of the southern African region are blessed with an abundance of aromatic and medicinal plants growing in unique ecosystems not found in other parts of the world. At the same time the suffering of poverty and social disturbances is widespread throughout this region. Stimulated by a growing global market in herbs and aromatic products, a new essential oil industry is developing in South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Madagascar and other countries that is utilizing the botanical resources and ethnobotanical knowledge available in the region for local economic development and plant-based healthcare.

At present there are about thirty-three distilleries in the southern Africa region distilling a variety of cultivated and wild harvested aromatic plants. Our distributor is currently working with one of the primary organizers and distributors for those distilleries, to offer common and well-established aromatic products as well as to develop new ones.

Most of the cultivated essential oils are either certified organic through international certifying agencies such as Eco-Cert, or non-certified organic, meaning that they are organically produced but have yet to receive full documentation; the remainder of the oils are ethically wild-crafted from healthy ecosystems. All these essential oil projects are linked directly to poverty alleviation programs established for the dual purpose of caretaking local environments while producing sustainable economic benefits.

Our line of southern Africa oils includes citruses, medicinals, florals, carrier oils, and floral-infused carrier oils.

Essential Oils


Blue Mountain Sage (S. Africa) 15 $26

Cardamom (India) 15 $25

Cedar (Himalaya) 15 $12

Clary Sage (S. Africa) 15 $15

Eucalyptus (S. Africa) 15 $12

Frankincense, rivae (Ethiopia) 15 $14

Geranium Oil, Rose (S. Africa) 15 $16

Ginger (India) 15 $15

Gingergrass (India) 15 $10

Helichrysum Oil (S. Africa) 15 $16

Lavender (Bulgaria) 15 $20

Kashmiri Lavender 15 $18

Lime (S. Africa) 15 $10

Marjoram (Israel) 15 $25

Palo Santo (Ecuador) 15 $20

Patchouli, dark (Indonesia) 15 $18

Peppermint (S. Africa) 15 $14

Pine (Bosnia) 15 $12

Rosemary, verbenone (S. Africa) 15 $10

Tea Tree (S. Africa) 15 $10

Tulsi, Holy Basil (India) 15 $16
Precious Oils


Agarwood (Assam, India) 1 $70

Green Chamomile (India) 3.75 $22

Jasmine, dawn-blooming (India) 3.75 $40

Melissa, Lemon Balm 3.75 $35

Neroli, Orange (S. Africa) 3.75 $52

Neroli & Petitgrain (S. Africa) 3.75 $12

Rose Otto (S. Africa) 3.75 $80

Sandalwood (New Caledonia) 3.75 $25



Ambari Attar (India) 3.75 $35

Motia Attar (India) 3.75 $45

Parijata Attar (India) 3.75 $40