Geranium Oil, Rose-Scented
Pelargonium roseum


The organic Rose Scented Geranium Essential Oil from South Africa is a wonderful oil to balance the emotions and encourage feelings of receptivity. Geranium oil can relieve inflammation caused by rheumatism, psoriasis, or scar tissue and assist the skin in healing.

A well-known anti-depressant and natural aphrodisiac, our rose-scented geranium oil has an earthy, slightly citrus scent that is pungent and uplifting. Applied to skin infected by pesky fungus, our potent rose geranium oil's anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties relieve symptoms and assist skin in healing. Cooling and moist, rose geranium essential oil can clear heat and inflammation caused by rheumatism, psoriasis, or scar tissue. Use our calming rose geranium oil in dilution to ease skin irritations caused by eczema, acne and impetigo. Encouraging feelings of receptivity and sensuality, geranium oil is an excellent choice in alleviating chronic or acute anxiety. Geranium oil is also known to balance the hormones, and can ease symptoms associated with PMS. Hardy and powerful, geranium oil is also an effective insect repellent.

Essential Oils


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Geranium Oil, Rose (S. Africa) 15 $16

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