Patchouli Essential Oil, Dark
Pogostemon cablin

This outstanding rich, deep, and complex dark patchouli essential oil from Indonesia has all of patchouli’s best etherial wine-like herbaceous sweetness. Patchouli oil darkens and improves with age similar to a fine wine. This dark patchouli oil is a wonderful addition to your perfume collection with its musky patchouli perfume. With patchouli’s skin rejeuvenating qualities our patchouli oil will leave your whole body feeling nourished and alive.

Deep, tenacious, rich patchouli oil is well-known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. This full-bodied, earthy, pungent oil is also known for its fungicidal, cell-regenerating and emollient effects — thus, it is often found in skin care products for various indications including eczema, acne, and cracked, severely dry skin. The soothing, moisturizing effects of patchouli oil have been utilized throughout time to heal damaged, dry skin. Using patchouli oil will help to rejuvenate and regenerate your skin, and leave your whole body feeling nourished and alive. The familiar scent of patchouli oil can also promote grounded emotions, reminding you what is truly important in life. Warming and mildly stimulating, patchouli oil has also been noted as an aphrodisiac for those who enjoy its heady, musky aroma.

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