Pine Oil, Bosnia
Pinus sylvestris


This fresh, penetrating, invigorating certified organic pine essential oil is from Bosnia. Distilled from pine needles, our pine essential oil has more depth, richness, and aromatic bouquet than most pine essential oils. Diffuse our pine oil to help relieve the symptoms of congestion and cough. Uplifting and purifying, pine essential oil is useful in releasing negative emotions, restoring one's confidence and re-connecting with one's inner strength.

Pine essential oil's fresh, herbaceous scent combined with its anti-infectious and anti-inflammatory properties make it effective as a decongestant and as a brain tonic. Pine oil is associated with cleanliness for good reason. Pine essential oil is naturally anti-bacterial and can help fight respiratory infection or irritation as well as congestion, coughs or bronchitis. The familiar, supportive scent of pine essential oil can help you revitalize after a long day, gain clarity before that difficult conversation, and feel empowered walking into a group presentation.

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