Tea Tree Oil, S. Africa
Melaleuca alternifolia

Tea Tree

This certified organic and very high quality tea tree oil comes from southern Africa and has powerful therapeutic qualities. Pure tea tree essential oil is one of the more powerful antimicrobial and antiseptic essential oils and has a wide variety of health benefits and home uses. This tea tree oil should be considered any time you are in need of a highly effective anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-microbial essential oil.

Tea tree oil is one of the most widely known antiseptic essential oils. It is effective as a natural agent for fighting fungus, bacteria and viruses. Our tea tree oil is excellent for combating symptoms of colds and flus. Organic tea tree oil is an important addition to your home medicine cabinet and first aid kit because of its fast and effective healing actions on a wide variety of common ailments.

Tea Tree Oil has been shown to be effective in fighting fungal infections, including those of the toe nails and finger nails which are notoriously resistant to pharmacuetical antibiotics. It can also be applied directly to boils and other similar infections. It is an important oil for cleaning and healing wounds, stings and burns when properly diluted.

Pure tea tree oil is extremely effective in fighting bathroom and other household fungus. You can also use tea tree essential oil to heal a variety of skin ailments such as athlete's foot, acne, ringworm, jock itch, impetigo and shingles when used in ointments, salves and compresses.

Essential Oils


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Frankincense, rivae (Ethiopia) 15 $14

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Marjoram (Israel) 15 $25

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Patchouli, dark (Indonesia) 15 $18

Peppermint (S. Africa) 15 $14

Pine (Bosnia) 15 $12

Rosemary, verbenone (S. Africa) 15 $10

Tea Tree (S. Africa) 15 $10

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Ambari Attar (India) 3.75 $35

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