Agarwood Oil
Aquilaria agalocha


Mysterious, unusual, and highly exotic, this true oud oil is distilled in the mountains of Assam from sustainable groves of Aquillaria agalocha trees. These trees have been planted over thirty years by a family dedicated to protecting this valuable botanical resource from unregulated plundering by the local eco-mafia. This oil comes from the first distillation of the wood, which produces a deep, dark, and thick oil. It is not sweet like the CO2 extracts of the resin, although a sweetness is present as the oil absorbs in the skin.

A classic oud oil, its predominant notes are smoky, animalic, urinaceous, resinous, and musky...fragrances that are highly desirable to Arab and Japanese cultures, but somewhat of an acquired taste for the unaccustomed Westerner.

This oil is surrounded by myths and legends: it is reputed to have magical powers of attracting wealth and love. The wood is burned as a sacred incense in temples, and used in numerous Ayurvedic, Tibetan, and Chinese herbal preparations.

Essential Oils


Blue Mountain Sage (S. Africa) 15 $26

Cardamom (India) 15 $25

Cedar (Himalaya) 15 $12

Clary Sage (S. Africa) 15 $15

Eucalyptus (S. Africa) 15 $12

Frankincense, rivae (Ethiopia) 15 $14

Geranium Oil, Rose (S. Africa) 15 $16

Ginger (India) 15 $15

Gingergrass (India) 15 $10

Helichrysum Oil (S. Africa) 15 $16

Lavender (Bulgaria) 15 $20

Kashmiri Lavender 15 $18

Lime (S. Africa) 15 $10

Marjoram (Israel) 15 $25

Palo Santo (Ecuador) 15 $20

Patchouli, dark (Indonesia) 15 $18

Peppermint (S. Africa) 15 $14

Pine (Bosnia) 15 $12

Rosemary, verbenone (S. Africa) 15 $10

Tea Tree (S. Africa) 15 $10

Tulsi, Holy Basil (India) 15 $16
Precious Oils


Agarwood (Assam, India) 1 $70

Green Chamomile (India) 3.75 $22

Jasmine, dawn-blooming (India) 3.75 $40

Melissa, Lemon Balm 3.75 $35

Neroli, Orange (S. Africa) 3.75 $52

Neroli & Petitgrain (S. Africa) 3.75 $12

Rose Otto (S. Africa) 3.75 $80

Sandalwood (New Caledonia) 3.75 $25



Ambari Attar (India) 3.75 $35

Motia Attar (India) 3.75 $45

Parijata Attar (India) 3.75 $40