Jasmine Oil, Dawn Blooming, India
Jasmine grandiflorum

Jasmine, dawn-blooming

One of the finest feminine botanical perfumes, this Jasmine Oil is the voluptuous and intoxicating essence of fresh jasmine flowers. Distilled in India from the highest quality hand picked dawn blooming jasmine flowers, our jasmine absolute will nourish your skin and leave you feeling uplifted and deeply connected. Enjoy our oil of jasmine in a relaxing bath or a soothing massage from your partner.

Sensual, exotic jasmine oil is one of the world’s most renowned natural aphrodisiacs. A must have for your floral collection, Jasmine oil's reassuring, potent floral aroma is often compared to and blended with rose oil and pure lavender oil. Known for its mentally stimulating effects, use our exquisite jasmine oil as your choice for alleviating anxiety, restlessness, and depression. Jasmine oil will leave you feeling hopeful, lightly stimulated and deeply connected. Moisturizing for dry skin, jasmine oil is also nourishing to the tissues and strengthening to the nervous system. Jasmine oil eases stress, uplifts heavy emotions, and enlivens a tired mind, decreasing the need for sleep. Oil of jasmine is also considered a mild sedative and a mild decongestant.

Essential Oils


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