Muse Collection

A Muse Collection contains fifteen muse perfumes plus four Eau Fraîche; at a 10% Muse Collection discount.
Botanical Perfume
(1 ml)
Botanical Perfume
(3 ml)
Botanical Perfume
(10 ml)

Eau Fraîche
(50 ml)

Body Oil
(50 ml)
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Prema Tantra

Ignite holy, erotic Love-play with your Beloved and stir the creative passions within you! Bridge the flow of your sexual and kundalini energies with your transcendent heart energies and manifest expressions of joyous sensuality and vitalized creativity. Let all you do be infused with pure divine Love.

This perfume contains deep purple velvety hues and erotic spices with a scent of mysterious lingering sweetness. This special concoction contains rare distillations of night-blooming jasmine (from Madurai, India), merged with dark patchouli, clove flower, tulsi (holy basil) and other scintillating ingredients.

Sufi Heart

This perfume awakens the perceiver to a sense of the Infinite Perfection in all living things, in every event, in each moment of eternity; to the imprints of the Golden Mean, the Flower of Life and the Diamond Light that is present everywhere. This perfume evokes the heart energies of a Sufi poet’s raw longing for Union with Truth and Love, and allows us to sense that it is Here, Now. The Sufi Poet exclaims in bliss and rapture: “I am already Whole no matter what!”

This perfume has a soft, smooth and balm-like aroma. Imagine sipping black Earl Grey tea — old world Persia-style — infused with roses and cardamom. This perfume contains rose bourbonica, resins, ambrette seed, clary sage, cardamom, bergamot and other sacred ingredients.

White Buffalo Calf Woman

White Buffalo Calf Woman — a new perfume that exquisitely informs the awakening of the human heart. White Buffalo Calf Woman, a Medicine Woman of the Lakota~Sioux tribe, is the bearer of the sacred tobacco bundle and the bringer of prophetic rituals, revealing the “Now Way” of being human. She has taken on her role for the purpose of uniting the human tribe, and to sow peace among all living beings, between us and our ancestors, and between us and our Earth Mother.

This perfume contains only organic and/or wildcrafted ingredients. It contains White Sage, three kinds of Roses, Tobacco, St. Johns Wort, Yarrow, and White Water Lilly, among other sacred ingredients.

White Eagle

This perfume is modeled after a Native American spirit guide; it protects, strengthens and guides Light workers to create fresh new constructs within family and community. It helps them to see “the big picture” from the perspective of an eagle for the good of the whole.

This perfume is to be used for Sacred Inhalation and embodies ritual woods, resins and sage. The aroma is pierced by the presence of the transcendent white lotus flower. White Eagle contains frankincense, palo santo, tobacco, sage, white lotus, and other ingredients conducive to ritual and meditation.

Womb Moon

Womb Moon is a potent fusion of energies containing the primal power of the Moon’s deep intuition and her ineffable mysteries. She inspires the innate wisdom and creativity of the womb to rise-up and help us connect with the Great Womb from which we all have arisen ~ of Gaia, our Earth Mother. Invoke the Knowing Ways of our wombed ancestors with this perfume and awaken to the unique creative pulse of your own womb’s gifts.

This perfume exudes aromas of rich, moist soil, green herbs, kissed by exotic saffron with the brightness of geraniums. It contains several types of sage, marjoram, lavender, saffron and rose, among other ingredients.

Yeshua Magdalena

Yeshua Magdalena contains precious, crystalline vibrations that evoke high emanations of the masculine and feminine Presence, both within and without. It enhances integration of the masculine and feminine elements, and thus aligns us with the ideals of sacred partnership-union.

Imagine cristalline sunlight shining through an ancient forest, adorned with bouquets of extravagantly pure flowers, exuding an otherworldly aroma. This perfume contains the precious and utmost rare agarwood essence, as well as cypress, sandalwood, the most precious blue water lily, rose ruh and cistus, among other ingredients.

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